The universe of Jaap Pieters (2015)

A documentary by Barbara den Uyl

Jaap Pieters passionately takes photographs and films, mainly on Super8, of the world around him: vagabonds, drunkards, striking incidence of light, the beauty of decay.
In this way he has built up an oeuvre that is appreciated by a small group of film lovers all over the world.
In his house, he keeps thousands of negatives and films that have never been developed due to chronic lack of money.
He also collects anything in which he sees a glimmer, such as bags of sugar from restaurants where he once had ice cream with his parents, books, records, CDs, vases, glasses, be they broken or not.
His girlfriend, with whom he has tried in vain to live together for 26 years, comes to helping create some order in the chaos.
With his favourite uncle, the poet H.H. ter Balkt, he reminisces. ‘Two autists together’, but above all Jaap continues to film: now elderly men with whom he feels some bond.

  • 46’40”
    Scenario directing editing: Barbara den Uyl
    Editing advice: Jan Ketelaars
    Camera grading: Peter Brugman n.s.c.
    Sound: Otto Horsch
    Sound editing: Jac Vleeshouwers
    Sound mixing: Alex Booy
    Translation: Martin Cleaver
    Producer: Leen van den Berg

    With grateful thanks to JAAP PIETERS
    With thanks to
    H.H. ter Balkt Willemien Gorselink-ter Balkt Ruth Rienstra Katrina Jeffrey Hilary
    Guy Edmonds Bert Pieters Gillis Kersting
    Inge Meijer Wilma Kuijvenhoven Nicolette van der Post Carla Laan
    EYE Film Institute NTR Fotolab Nivo-Schweitzer Open Studio Cumulus De As

    Photographs and films Jaap Pieters
    Clear views Natty dread Raised by the wind Jimmy’s ballet Windes bliss
    Tears from daddy’s suit From old man & the things that stay (work in progress)
    Silvergrey waves on the land OR the white sea (with thanx to TGR)

    Music Warner van Es
    Roll me over lift me up piano 16 candles piano

    Financial support
    The Netherlands Film Fund
    The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts
    The VSB Fund
    The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

    Distribution Mokum Film
    Broadcasting AT5 RTV-NH

    © Van der Hoop Film Productions 2015