Paradise within reach (2016)

A film by Barbara den Uyl

A portrait of the world-famous garden designer and landscape architect Piet Oudolf.
We visit several of his renowned parks and gardens, such as the High Line in New York, Maximilianpark in Hamm and our own Butterfly Garden in Utrecht.
We also see Piet Oudolf at work: from the first meeting about a commission until chivvying a maintenance team after a design has been realised.
In addition we see him making his own perfect garden even more beautiful.
On the way, the film tries to provide an answer to questions such as: why do people love plants? Where does our yearning for Paradise come from?
Terrestrial and lyrical images are juxtaposed to the accompaniment of aethereal music by Eric Vloeimans.


Documentary, 60 min.

Directing Barbara den Uyl
Camera Peter Brugman
Sound Otto Horsch Jac Vleeshouwers
Editing Jan Ketelaars
Music Eric Vloeimans
Producer Leen van den Berg

(c) Van der Hoop Filmproductions 2016/ Omroep Gelderland

With financial support from:
Dutch Cultural Media Fund
Fonds 21
Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Gelderland
Creative Industries Fund NL