The Cyclist

  • The Cyclist

  • A film of Kees Hin

    There is no end and no beginning
    to this journey, no future, no past
    Only this wonderfully split long present.
    M. Vasalis (Afsluitdijk)

    The Cyclist shows what the bike brings about in the city, in society.
    The bicycle is the thread that draws leads us through the drama of big city life. You can see the cyclist is the bearer of a message, as the mule of life that carries the burden of happiness and unhappiness.
    Cycling accompanies us all of our lives. The feeling of riding on the back of the bike; first with your father or mother, later with your sister, brother, boyfriend, then with your first sweetheart. Cycling is existential, sensual. Cycling is fast, vital, dangerous. Above all, the bike is a timeless topic, a cycle.

    We see a moving, driving, heaving swarm of cyclists. Every now and then, an individual is picked out and followed: from a courier, a delivery-woman, a mobile bicycle repair man, a physiotherapist, to a refugee family and a victim in the traffic.

    In The Cyclist the bike is elevated from an ordinary, everyday behicle, to a performance of movement in music, dance and ballet. It is an ode to the bike in the city, to the cyclists who are dancing away in the whirl of the future.