Unemployable (2002)

A three-part documentary by Barbara den Uyl

Part 1: Minister Vermeend and the reality out there
Barbara den Uyl followed the Social Service department in Velsen for a year as they worked with the local job centre to try to get as many unemployed people as possible to work. The consultants study the files and outline a campaign, but time and time again, when clients turn up, each with their own problems, the reality is more challenging than expected. What can they do for an illiterate 53-year-old Chinese woman who is structurally unemployable? For a young adult who does not know what he wants? Or a 53-year-old with back problems, an ex-footballer who owes the Social Services 100,000 guilders, a single mother with young children, a composer who can’t get over the death of his brother and only wants one thing, to make a CD? The makers asked the responsible Minister Vermeend for his opinion, which is indeed remarkable.


Part 2: A debt for life, Mister Zendah
Abdul Zendah came to the Netherlands from Tunisia in 1975, at the invitation of the football club Feijenoord. But he failed at his dream job, being a footballer, and after doing the odd job he was forced to ask for help from the Social Services. A foolish affair ten years earlier involving signing a rental agreement resulted in a 100,000 guilder debt to the Social Services in Haarlem. A debt that, if nothing changes, will weigh him down for the rest of his life.

Part 3: A Composer’s Dream, Mister van Buuren
Yoeri van Buuren had a band with his brother. They made a very highly praised LP, but it did not sell. When his brother died in an accident, Yoeri lost his grip on life. With his parent’s money he recently recorded four tracks for a new CD. Will this CD sell and what should Social Services do with him?


3 x 40 minutes / colour / Beta SP / VHS / Digi Beta
Direction/screenplay: Barbara den Uyl
Camera: Peter Brugman n.s.c., Bert Oosterveld
Sound: Jac Vleeshouwers, Mike van der Sluis, Hens van Rooy, Carel Evers, Ludo Keeris
Editing: Stefan Kamp
Editor NCRV: Ger van Dongen
Producer: Leen van den Berg

This documentary series was partly made possible by a subsidy from the ThuisKopie Fonds

© Van der Hoop Filmproducties / NCRV 2002