The art of motion (2008)

A film project by Annette Apon

The Art of Motion is a extraordinaire film project, in which we can observe top sport as we cannot see with naked eyes. The High Speed Camera which is used makes it possible to see the movement of the top sports in exceptional detail. The film shows that an apparently simple movement in reality astonishing complex is. We know already that the human body of a top sportsmen can perform unprecedented. In The Art of Motion is shown what it is secret behind these performances.

You can watch:
Dressage – Anky van Grunsven
Long Jumping – Annette Roozen
Javelin Throw – Pieter Gruijters
Hockey – Maartje Paumen, Minke Smabers, Janneke Schopman
Wheel chair tennis – Esther Vergeer
4×100 meter relay – Guus Hoogmoed, Maarten Heisen
100 meter sprint ¯ Annette Roozen
Football – Urby Emanuelson


This film is available on DVD




Direction and idea: Annette Apon
Camera: Peter Brugman en Bert Oosterveld
Camera assistants: Paul Caspers, Peter Franken, Jorne Tielemans, Dick Harrewijn Thomas Jeninga, Thomas Leermakers, Maartje van der Veen
Editing: Jan Ketelaars
Sound: Paul Gies en Hein Verhoeven
Animation: Mirka Duijn
Grading: Loods-Jef Grosfeld, Ruud de Bruyn, Mike Vosmaer
Equipment: Cam-A-Lot Singelfilm
Producer en production manager: Leen van den Berg

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