Sasja and Natasha (2008)

A documentary by Leen van den Berg

Sasja and Natasha were born in Kiev, in de Ukraine, and have known each other since childhood. They are very close friends but also very different. Sasja is enterprising and ambitious. She left for the Netherlands, where she now has a good job. Back home, Natasha teaches music from her home and is happy with her husband and dog.When Natasha gets pregnant, Sasja visits her friend and she is confronted with what she left. Has the Orange Revolution changed the Ukraine for better? Did she do the right thing leaving? Does she miss her parents just as much as they missed her? Will sunshine on the autumn leaves in the Hague ever compare with Kiev?In animated scenes, the film tells a story of making choices and being uprooted.


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50 minutes / color / video
Direction and script: Leen van den Berg
Camera: Bert Oosterveld
Sound: Hein Verhoeven
Editing: Jan Ketelaars
Film advices: Barbara den Uyl
Music: Volodymyr Kurylenko en Olexandr Bondarenko
Interpreter: Nataliya Karpenko
Russian translation: Mark Coenen, Katja Khatmatzhytaryuk, Alexandra Mirskikh
English translation and subtitling: Martin Cleaver
Subtitling Dutch: Peter Groot
Geluidsafwerking : Jac Vleeshouwers
Colour correction: Jef Grosfeld
Production: Alexandra Mirskikh en Leen van den Berg
Producer: Leen van den Berg

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