New Perspectives (2003)

A promotional film about the project New Perspectives

New Perspectives is a brief, intensive outreach programme for young people between 12 and 20, who have repeated been involved with the police and the legal system. These kids face multiple problems. The help offered is aimed at their own potential and is practical. In order to prevent them falling back into their bad ways, this help is based on: work, education, leisure time and family.
The film show how the assistance works in practice.


20 minutes / colour / Beta SP / VHS
Direction: Leen van dene Berg
Camera: Bert Oosterveld
Sound and editing: Hens van Rooij
Sound editing: Jac Vleeshouwers
Production assitance: Carla Eefting
Producer: Leen van den Berg

This film was commisioned by SaC-Amstelstad

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