Marokko swings (2005)

A documentary by Barbara den Uyl

Two generations of Moroccan female vocalists meet in a masterclass in Amsterdam. The first generation is represented by Najat Aatabou, a famous star throughout the Arab world and a strikingly emancipated woman. The second generation is represented by four Dutch singers of Moroccan origins. They are young and talented, but all of them have problems gaining recognition and with their own identity. In the first instance, the confrontation with Najat Aatabou only seems to increase their struggle; yet this initial encounter is followed by a liberating happy ending.

Najat Aatabou ran away from home so she could become a singer. How far is her life story repeated among young Moroccan/Dutch vocalists? How difficult is it to live between two cultures? Does music help encourage emancipation? In this swinging film, the film maker seeks answers to these questions.


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Direction/script: Barbara den Uyl
Camera: Peter Brugman, Bert Oosterveld
Sound: Jac Vleeshouwers
Editing: Jan Ketelaars
Production: Leen van den Berg

The masterclass is produced by Chris Derks

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