A year, maybe less (2006)

A documentary by Jac Vleeshouwers

Puck de Leeuw (48) is a filmmaker in the prime of her career when she is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The prognosis given is: one year or less. Puck is single, but around her a close circle of relatives, friends and neighbours is formed to take care of her in the final stage of her life.

This video diary shows what is happening to Puck and to those near her while facing her inevitable death. Hope and despair, a physical struggle with a carcinomatous body and a mental fight against time. In seemingly every-day scenes and situations we see how, in all their vulnerability, Puck as well as the people around her make an effort to deal with the whirlblast that they are caught up in.


Compilator: Jac Vleeshouwers
Camera: Puck de Leeuw en anderen
General assistance: Richard Vierbergen
Editing: Hinne Brouwers
Commissioning editor IKON: Margje de Koning
Production: Leen van den Berg

“A year maybe less” was broadcasted on 4 October by IKON

© Van der Hoop Filmproducties/Manon Maas – de Leeuw 2006