The shadow walkers (1995)

A film by Peter Dop

Two brothers, Leen and Albert, fill their days with pointless activity. Leen hangs round under bridges. Albert plies back and forth across a river as captain of a ferry without passengers. They are married to two sisters, but by chance each to the wrong one. In the evenings the two men follow passers by. They walk through a city, that gets increasingly absurd as it becomes clear that the ordinary people they follow are people with largely unrequitable desires. In the play with small and apparently insignificant detail, the two shadow walkers move between the real and the apparent. This reality in transformed into a comedy or tragedy about the absurdity of human existence.Inspired on short stories of Dylan Thomas en Gianni Calati.


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  • 88 minutes / colour / optical sound / S-16mm / 35 mm / Beta SP / VHS / Digi Beta
    Direction/screenplay: Peter Dop
    Shooting direction: Anne van Dongen
    Scrip: Janette Kolkema
    Casting: Hans Kemna, Job Gosschalk
    Camera: Lex Wertwijn, Jan Wich, Peter Brugman
    Grip: Dirk Nijland
    Sound: Jac Vleeshouwers
    Editing: Jan Dop
    Production: Anja Cloosterman, Anke van Loon, Monique van Welzen
    Executive producer: Leen van den Berg
    Producers: Leen van den Berg en René Scholten
    Light: Jaap Veldhoen, Wiro Felix
    Translation: Martin Cleaver

    Distribution: NFM/IAF

    This film has been realised with financial support of the Dutch Film Fund and the Deventer City Marketing Foundation

    The Shadow Walkers is a co-production by Van der Hoop Film Productions, Studio Nieuwe Gronden en ZDF, in cooperation with ARTE

    © Van der Hoop Filmproducties / Studio nieuwe gronden 1995