Keeping up appearances (1992)

A film by Leen van den Berg

This film about Delil, a refugee from Turkish Kurdistan, takes a critical look at Dutch asylum policy.
Delil’s application for asylum was rejected so he became an illegal alien. He found work in the greenhouses in the Westland. When the police raided the greenhouses, Delil disappeared.
The film maker decided to go and look for him and o the way she met several of the people involved: Delil’s neighbour, a market gardener, the chief of police responsible for the raids, someone from a refugee committee and the former junior minister Aad Kosto.
The film shines a dramatic and critical light on the pros and cons of the current asylum policy.

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28 minutes / colour / optical sound / 16 mm / Beta SP / VHS / Digi Beta
Direction/screenplay: Leen van den Berg
Camera: Wiro Felix, Dorith Vinken
Camera assistant: Jaap Veldhoen
Sound: Barbu Stratulat
Editing: Barbara den Uyl
Sound editing: Martijn Gerfin
Music: Aryan Ferwerda
Interpreter: Leyla Gezik, Meltem Tunc
Producer: Leen van den Berg
Production: Heleen Snuverink
Distribution and Sales: Van de Hoop Filmproducties

This film was made with the financial support of the Generale Diakonale Raad, the Haëlla Stichting and the Stichting het R.C. Maagdenhuis.

© Van der Hoop Filmproducties / Humanistische Omroep Stichting 1992