For ever little (1999)

A documentary by Barbara den Uyl

People with unusually small body have always proved fascinating to us. Countless fairytales and sages provide evidence of that. People used to pay large sums of money to see little people as fairground attraction. These days many little people rebel against this specials position. They try to lead normal lives as far as possible.
The film follows a small opera singer and several of her fellows: at work, at home and on a journey they took together to a beautiful small island. There, preparations are made for a grand dinner and swinging party. Slowly but surely the different characters emerge. They talk about their problems, amorous adventures, difficulties finding work and whether or not to have children that are expected to be small too.
The film does not try to trace each one’s life history. It aims to confront the viewer with ‘being small’, and uses music, humour and beauty to let people look at ‘imperfection’ differently.

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62 minutes / colour / optical sound / S-16mm / 35mm / VHS / Beta SP / Digi Beta
With Hugo Schortingshuis, Liesbeth van Assche, Mariëtta van Dijk, Ruud Grijmans, Fam. De Jonge Poerink, Fam. Anin, Christ and Elle Joosen, Marianne Blok, Marijke Trap, Joost Ivangh, Liske van Soomeren, Riet Brinkman.
Director: Barbara den Uyl
Sound: Jac Vleeshouwers, Menno Euwe
Editing: Barbara Hin
Editing assistant: Heleen Snuverink
Music: Soliste Marianne Blok met het Amsterdams Symphonie Orkest Con Brio o.l.v. Iman Soeteman
Translation: Martin Cleaver
Producer: Leen van den Berg
Distribution: Cinemien

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This production was made with financial support from Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund

© Van der Hoop Filmproducties / NPS / ZDF / ARTE 1999