Where the rats are king (1985)

A film by Barbara den Uyl

The Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam is a kind of free state where squatters, punks and the original residents rule the roost. The city council’s authority has been reduced almost to zero since mayor Ed van Thijn was forced to leave the neighbourhood in 1984. Barbara den Uyl, who lives in the area herself, followed the residents’ battle against the system for more than a year. A battle not limited to housing problems, but touching on subjects as disparate as neo-Nazis, prisoners and the Pope.

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56 minutes / colour / 16 mm / VHS / Beta SP
Direction: Barbara den Uyl
Camera: Dorith Vinken
Sound: Alexander Oey
Editing: Jenne Sipman
Production: Leen van den Berg
Producer: Derek Sauer

Distribution and sales: Van der Hoop Filmproducties

This film was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Dutch Film Fund, the VARA and the entire crew.

© Tilt Film / VARA 1985