Under the tiles (1987)

A film by Barbara den Uyl

“Twenty years ago, I wanted to change the world and I still do. But whereas then I knew exactly what I had to do, now I don’t any more.”
The film maker laments at the start of this film, which addresses the question of how rebelling against the system can still be meaningful. We are introduced to two women and four men who at least still do something.
Fabiola is a living work of art, everywhere and always.
Corine, an anti-militarist, moved her bed to the peace camp in Woensdrecht and stayed to live there for two years.
Jenneke, a psychology graduate, decided to become a full-time activist, partly because of to her experiences in the developing world.
Paul, a dockworker in Rotterdam, enjoys the good life but realises he will never achieve it if he does not continue to rise up against his bosses.
Frits, who most enjoys making music, but because of Hans Kok’s death and the circumstances in the slum area where he lives, constantly ends up in heated confrontations with the authorities.
Rob, who went to El Salvador to fight with the guerrillas at some risk to his own life. Although he realises life there is romantic, he is still disappointed at the lack of solidarity and discipline here.The film makes use of haunting archive footage. We see people both in their day-to-day life and of course in the midst of recent actions. The interviews provide an insight into the answers to questions such as: Why do people choose to do things that affect their lives so much? How do they manage to keep up their resistance? Which perspectives do they see? The themes are very serious but the tone of the film is light-hearted and in places humorous. The pithily formulated answers as well as the doubts, which are not just the film maker’s, offer food for thought. Especially to those who hoped to find the beach under the tiles. And who didn’t in the 1960’s?


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50 minutes / colour / 16 mm / VHS
Direction and screenplay: Barbara den Uyl
Camera: Cees Samsom
Sound: Floor Kooij
Editing: Ton de Graaff

Distribution: the Nederlands Filminstituut

© YUCA FILM 1987