Ni peones, ni patrones (1986)

A film by Hanneke Willemse, Jan Groen and Leen van den Berg

This documentary uses interviews and images of today’s world to tell the story of collectivisation in the village Albalate de Cinca in Aregon during the Spanish Civil War. It shows how mainly the anarcho-syndicalists tried to carry through social revolution. People resorted to self-rule, abolished money and started working the land collectively and sharing the yield proportionally. The communists and subsequently the fascists put an end to this revolution. Filmed in their everyday surroundings, men and women from the Cinca region tell of their experiences during the 1930’s.


56 minutes / colour / optical sound / Super-8 / 16 mm / VHS / Beta SP
Direction: Hanneke Willemse
Camera: Jan Groen
Sound: Leen van den Berg
Music: ‘Somos’ van Labordeta
Editors of the music: Otto Nuijs, Vincent Holslag

Distribution and sales: Kontrastfilm

© Kontrastfilm 1986