Van der Hoop Film Productions was founded in 1987 and focuses on directing, producing and editing documentaries and experimental films and to a large extent.
Most films produced and directed are characterised by their social and political commitment.


Van der Hoop Film Productions approaches projects step-by-step. In each phase of the production process the judgment is waived whether the result is ripe to submit for a grant.
In the early phase, the outline, synopsis and emerging film plans are also judged by outsiders. In addition, a decision is made whether the film fits more into the “television line” or of the “in a mile line”. The choice for one or the other determines more or less which steps will be taken in material, equipment, post-production, distribution and fund acquisition and sales.
That does not however mean another filmmaker television cannot be shown in cinemas or vice versa. These are often subtle differences between lines and other combinations are also possible. After the completion of the film it will be offered to international film festivals, distributors and foreign broadcasting companies.
Van der Hoop Film Productions prefers to work with residents directors because continuity, mutual trust and effective corporation guarantee the quality of the films being developed and realised. The quality is a high priority than possible financial box office success, that would however always be welcome and can be used for the production of new films.


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1051 VD Amsterdam

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